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What if the opportunities for all children and families in our community weren’t limited, and all children were able to reach thier full potential. Supporting early education is not only the right thing, but the smart thing to do.

the issues facing our workforce

Do you have the talent you need?

72%of local companies report lack of needed labor as a barrier to their growth. By 2020, there will be…
123 million Jobs

But Only 43

Million Qualified American Workers

Local Talent Development

The average commute of your employees is 20.2 minutes daily. This means that our local community is the most important source of talent for our companies.

Attracting talent

76% of local companies are experiencing recruiting issues.

COULD YOU BE LOSING NEARLY $4000 a year Per worker?

Unscheduled absenteeism costs roughly $3600 per year for each hourly worker.

The United States Trails behind.

The United States continues to fall behind internationally in producing a college-educated workforce as others send more of their citizens to university. When it comes to school preparedness, we rank 27th in math, 20th in science and 17th in educational performance. In the very early years, many countries are sending a higher percentage of their children to preschool unlike the United States.The United States ranks 21st in total investment in early childhood education relative to country wealth.

The United states ranks

27th in math 20th in science 17th in educational performance


Every year the state of Michigan SPENDS OVER

on children who repeat kindergarten.

The Results of investing in early childhood

American Workers

Research demonstrates that children who start off right are more likely to be happier, succeed in school and join a highly skilled workforce. Investment in early childhood education is an investment in our future leaders. Abundant evidence shows that high-quality early childhood programs generate enormous long-term benefits for your workforce as children grow to become productive adults, for our economy and for society. Investing in our community’s youngest citizens, is a high yield investment in our local talent pipeline. Investments in early childhood education result in higher test scores (K-12), lower rates of grade repetition, and decreased crime. This contributes to local economic development through better schools and safer neighborhoods that attract talent to our community.

Healthier Workforce

Benefits of smart early childhood programs include reduced school and parental work absenteeism. High-quality preschool demonstrates positive effects on a variety of life outcomes including improved adult physical health and healthy behaviors.

Across the U.S.

Children who attended early childhood programs tend to score higher on the Program for International Student Assessment, which assess 15-year-olds around the world in reading, math and other subjects. Increased United States investment in quality early childhood education impacts the future of our workforce and our ability to compete globally.

For Michigan

For every child in Michigan that enters kindergarten prepared, the state will save approximately $47,000. Local and state early childhood investments are saving the state millions of dollars. Leveraging public-private investments in the early childhood system will have the highest returns on state investments and the best outcomes for their children.10


With COMMUNITY SUPPORT we have be able to SUPPLY and INVEST in the community for a BETTER TOMORROW. As of 2016 we have provided:


Lunches and Sack Suppers


Children’s Books


Children Prepared


Raised in preschool scholarships


Raised in Federal and State Early Childhood Grants



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